All about TowelRoot apk: how to use, how to root and features

TowelRoot apk

TowelRoot apk is an ideal method of rooting an Android. It can be installed on the one click application you can easily install into your device and proceed with few easy clicks.
“TowelRoot apk” is a creation of GeoHot, a widely known hacker. Most importantly this rooting tool supports on a large number of devices. This is absolutely a great treat for Android 4.4 based devices. There is evidence that TowelRoot apk works in Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 active Galaxy, Nexus 5 and more.
How TowelRoot apk used?
Initially download the APK from a safe link and have to copy the APK Android device and install it like any other application.
When it is already installed, there is only one step to open the app and then tap on “make it ra1n” for root. That is all what you need to do and give few minutes to get everything done properly and only we have to do is restart it.
Devices supported by Towelroot apk

Below I have picked some devices that are confirmed to be working with Towelroot.
• AT&T Galaxy S5
• Verizon Galaxy S5
• Galaxy S4 Active
• Nexus 5
• AT&T Galaxy Note 3
• Verizon Galaxy Note 3
• Multiple Sony Xperia Smartphones
Above I have mentioned this as an all simple process with one tap or one click. Therefore I bring it again separately in 5 steps for more understanding.
How to Root your Android device with Towelroot apk

• Download the latest version of Towelroot apk.
• Copy the Tr.apk file to your Android device.
• Go to your device’s secuirity settings and make sure you have supported with the settings in order to install apps from outside of the google play store.
• Install the Tr.apk file and run it after it is successfully installed.
• Tap on “make it ra1n” to start the rooting process.
If you want to make sure your android device has been rooted, head over to the Google play store and download the Root Checker app. It is a smart app which check whether your phone is rooted or not and announce it to the user immediately.
TowelRoot Android important factors and features of latest TowelRoot V3 download
• Android TowelRoot is well matched with KitKat 4.4 version.
• It is only supported with Windows operating system.
• Guard stands for the virus on your device may detect TowelRoot as a virus which is unavoidable.
• TowelRoot V3 can fix Samsung Note 3 kernal 3.4.0-722276 and kernels 3.4.0-636608.
• Google Nexus 5 V2 error fixed.
• Sprint Note 3 with kernel 3.4.0-951486.
• Fixed download fail error.

Towelroot apk for android kitkat rooting

If you need more information about using TowelRoot apk in your Kitkat OS, refer to the link below.

TowelRoot apk for android Kitkat
Is TOWELROOT APK not working for your Android?
If your Android device does not link with the TowelRoot process you have another option in rooting, “modstrings”. It is to improve Towelroot apk settings and modify them as per the requirement of the device. You have to move with this option only if the Towelroot is not supporting your current settings.
Rooting is viewed as very fascinating by many users while some think it is harmful. Any how a careful rooting could decrease the risks involved in the process. Compared to other similar applications TowelRoot gives you hundreds of reasons to root with TowelRoot. This rooting with TowelRoot can explore the highest potentials your device could reach and it proves this is the best application for easy and fast rooting process.

All about TowelRoot apk: how to use, how to root and features

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